Bucks      Oldest to Youngest

CH Jacksons Royal CSF TomCat  VEE 90


TomCat's Sire: Jacksons Royal Cat Scratch Fever

TomCat's Dam: Jacksons Royal Solitaire (2nd Freshening pic)

TomCat's Granddam: Dill's FK Kitty Litter

DOB: 12/23/2013

Sire: Jacksons Royal Cat Scratch Fever ( Simple Pleasures DirtRd Anthem X Dill's FK Kitty Litter)

Dam: Jacksons Royal Solitaire ( Tiny Tales Farm Black Jack X Tiny Tales Farm Penelope 1*M)

Jacksons Royal NT CupidShuffle LA 87 VEV   Reference Only 

DOB: 1/19/2015                                                              LoveSpell pictured above (DAM)

Sire: Dill's B&R Night Train *B  ( Dill's RD Big & Rich *B X SG Dill's BF Free)

Dam: Dill's RD Love Spell ( NC PromisedLand MS River Dance X Dill's XM Charm)


Jacksons Royal SonofaBeach

DOB: 12/29/2017

Sire: Jacksons Royal Bw Beach Patrol ( Twin Creeks BH BayWatch X Wood Bridge Farm Vegas 1*M)

Dam: Jacksons Royal TC Clover  ( Jacksons Royal CSF Tomcat X Jacksons Royal Try Your Luck)

Jacksons Royal WhiskeyonRocks VEE 89

DOB: 01/09/2019

Sire: Dill's BM Dos Equis ( Dill's B&R Beer Money X Dill's H Glass)

Dam: Jacksons Royal CS She Rocks ( SG Jacksons Royal NT Cupid Shuffle +B  X SG Jacksons Royal B FreeCell)

Buttin'Heads Chiyogamy    aka Chief  +VV 85

DOB 02/27/2021

Sire: Dill's SM Hold My Piece ( Dill's ROD Stroke Me X Dill's B&R Femme Fatale)

Dam: GCH Buttin'Heads Japanese Washi 3*M ( Buttin'Heads PanPipes x GCH Buttin'Heads PaperClip 2*M)

Kidco JR Kelso ++V 83

DOB: 03/11/2021

Sire: Dragonfly BCH Jericho ( Dragonfly Hel Bacchanalia x Dragonfly Sol Assyria)

Dam: Jacksons Royal CS Epona ( SG Jacksons Royal NT CupidShuffle +B x GCH Jacksons Royal TC Flicka 1*M)

Jacksons Royal VG Rocky  VVE 88


DOB: 01/03/2020

Sire: Dill's SS Vice Grip (Zanzabeez PT Storm Surge X Dill's PL Vice)

Dam: Jacksons Royal CS She Rocks ( Jacksons Royal NT Cupid Shuffle X SG Jacksons Royal B FreeCell 3*M EEEE 91 )

Buttin'Heads Tarija  VVV 87

DOB: 03/05/2020

Sire: Zanzabeez TS Beluga ( Butt'heads Tasin' Sashimi X Zanzabeez BC at the Rivers End)

Dam: ButtinHeads Bolivian Tipoi ( Buttin'Heads LiveLongNProsper X Buttin'Heads Frisket)

Jacksons Royal Magnificent  AI

DOB: 01/24/2020

Sire: CH Heaven's Hollow Majesty ( AlexanderFarm BW Studlydorite X Wyojem Wendy Kiki 2013 National Champion)

Dam: SG Jacksons Royal B FreeCell 3*M EEEE91 ( Simple Pleasures Benard X SG Jacksons Royal Solitaire)